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Advantages and disadvantages of a digital piano

Advantages and disadvantages of a digital piano
digital piano

When it is time to talk about digital pianos, everyone begins to look for advantages and disadvantages in the product that help them define whether to buy them or not. The benefits of using these instruments are many and, as with any other type of product, there are disadvantages, even so, this does not overshadow all the good things that it has.
First of all, a Digital Piano is a modern electronic musical instrument that reproduces the sounds of the original classical piano. It does not have strings and in terms of size, it is smaller. It also has no hammers and much fewer chains. It is a much simpler piano.
As such, it emerges as an alternative to the acoustic piano and is usually acquired by beginners in the world of music who want to learn to play the original instrument. This digital piano has a ROM memory where all the sounds are stored and whenever you press the keys, it gives you the possibility to create art.
And this is where one of the main advantages of acquiring a digital piano begins, they give you access to thousands of apps that you can synchronize even with your own cell phone. You can record your own compositions or practices and then reproduce them so that you can improve your own techniques.
In addition, digital pianos have more than just acoustic piano sound. They can play various other sounds of some classical musical instruments so that you can practice other kinds of compositions. Likewise, digital pianos are designed to be almost the same as a classical piano; the only difference is that you can install amplifiers, microphones, and others to maximize the musical experience.

Most important aspects

Digital pianos are much less expensive than acoustic ones. They are quite accessible for people who want to start with little. As for its components, it has a space dedicated to connecting headphones that is useful for when you want to have a practice in private. This is even one of the best advantages.
On the other hand, the gap that the technology marks in terms of the traditional may cause the original sound of the acoustics to be lost and the essence of the classical piano to not be captured. This is the biggest inconvenience that can be noticed because those who are fans of the original sound complain about the lack of quality that can be perceived in a digital piano.
Finally, there may be some functions that are lost because it is not an original classical piano but this is something totally normal since you are dealing with a digital piano. Even so, in spite of all the inconveniences that these pianos may suppose, they are still the best option for someone looking to learn to play this new and wonderful instrument for a decent price.
Digital pianos are here to stay and now they are always one of the favorite choices for any beginner in the area of pianos. Whatever you are waiting for, leave it behind and go to the nearest store to buy your new digital piano.

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World Music Star GERARD EDERY releases

World Music Star GERARD EDERY releases his critically acclaimed double album “Best of Gerard Edery” in America.

The “Best of Gerard Edery” features one of the world’s most renowned musical polyculturalists’ music. He uncovers the synergistic and haunting dimensions of a broad repertoire of traditional music imaginatively arranged for contemporary audiences.
By weaving folk songs, chants, and prayers from across centuries and across Europe and the Middle East, he shows that the human need for a spiritual dimension defies all boundaries of time and place. This ecumenical program uncovers the surprising synergies between Eastern-European (Jewish and Christian) and Middle Eastern (Jewish and Arabic) musical faiths. Join him for a unifying experience as his voice blend in devotional and secular songs from the far-reaching Sephardic Diaspora and Eastern Europe.

Download or purchase Best of Gerard Edery on:

GERARD EDERY (Vocals/Guitar) has at his command a remarkable range of ethnic folk styles and traditions. He regularly uncovers and preserves songs, stories and melodies from Europe and the Middle East, and energizes these repertoires by interpreting them for contemporary audiences. One of the world’s foremost experts in the wide-ranging music of the Sephardic Diaspora, he is a recipient of the Sephardic Musical Heritage Award and a Meet the Composer grant for his original songs. A performer in great demand throughout the US, Canada and Europe, he has performed at prestigious venues and festivals throughout the world. In addition to his busy concert schedule, he has released 17 CDs on the Sefarad Records label as well as a much-acclaimed Sephardic Songbook. www.gerardedery.com

"An ecumenical celebration that honors both Christianity and Judaism!" The editors, MANN ABOUT TOWN

"'Two Faiths, One Voice' just might be the most culturally eclectic item in Edery's already diverse catalog."  Alexander Gelfand, THE FORWARD

"A very exciting recording… remarkable material!" Irene Backalenick, ALL ABOUT JEWISH THEATRE, JEWISH POST & OPINION

"The music was haunting, always in a minor key, and indeed it was difficult to determine whether the melodies came from Jewish or Christian sources. Both Edery and Krupoves are compelling performers and accomplished musicians." Irene Backalenick, ALL ABOUT JEWISH THEATRE, JEWISH POST & OPINION

"With the great Lithuanian ethnomusicologist, Yiddishist and singer Maria Krupoves, Edery embarked on a global series of concerts.  (…) If audience reaction is any indicator, the musical collaborators have succeeded in this endeavor, with huge ovations after every song." George Robinson, JEWISH WEEK

Media Contact:

The Massive Net Worth, Life History and Music Collection of DJ Clue

DJ Clue  is American Disc Jockey, Radio personality and a record producer. He was born in the year 1975 on eighth January. His real name is Ernesto Shaw.

DJ Clue Net worth:

The net worth of DJ Clue is of about $12 million which speaks a lot about his popularity. He is also an entrepreneur and is also one of the directors of the No Question Entertainment. His earnings also come from the concerts and the shows that he does. DJ Clue is also listed among the top 100 richest rappers of all time.

DJ Clue Jr. Life History:

DJ Clue was born in New York City, in the U.S.A. on 8 January in the year 1975 to Donna and Ernesto Shaw as their fourth child. He is of African-American descent. His father was a professional Basketball player in second division league and his mother was a percussionist who after his birth only played in the church.

He was raised in a religious family and he follows Christianity as well and is American by his nationality. His birth sign is Capricorn. He had a pretty normal childhood while growing up with his other siblings. At the age of about twelve, his parents got separated. He chose to live with his father.

Just in few years, he started to work on his own. He did his schooling from the school in Queens itself and did not do any further studies or went to college. After graduating, as he was always interested in music, he started to work with a record company and because of his work there he was soon recognized by many people and he was only in his late teenage by that time.

There isn’t much known about his personal life as he keeps it under wraps. Speculations have been made regarding his sexuality of being gay, but no confirmation has been given to it yet. He got his success initially as a radio presenter but soon he his fame as a DJ had spread all over. He had also made song tracks for movies as well.

DJ Clue - Known For:

DJ Clue’s debut album The Professional: Part 1, just after it’d release had become a huge hit. His genre is Hip Hop and R&B. He is best known for his own program which is aired on Power 105.1 in New York named “Desert Storm Radio”.

He had also found out his own record label with his friend Skane Dolla who is also the manager and a famous record engineer. His mixtape called CD had sold more than one million copies which had music that was not heard of before.

DJ Clue Political / Business Affiliations:

DJ Clue had always been focused on his music and has had worked in association with many famous singers like Mariah Carey, Jay Z, and Faith Evans. His production company has produced many hit albums from the year 1999 to 2013.

He has also worked in collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Mary J.Blige.

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cute munda guitar chords sharry maan with tabs

cute munda guitar chords sharry maan with tabs
cute munda 
Song: Cute Munda
Singers: Sharry Mann
Musicians: Gift Rulers
Lyricists: Zaildar Pargat Singh
Scale: Dm

cute munda guitar chords sharry maan strumming pattren

Suggested Sturmming :- DD UD UD U

Capo On 5th

Am                                 G
Utton lagge jhoote te farebi warga
Em                                 F
Sidha aen tu mundeya jalebi warga x (2)

Am                                        G
Kisi laptop vichon ve main Virus de wangu
F                      G
tainu kad ditta hunda
Am                            G
Hunda na je aina tu cute munda
F                            G
Ve main chhad ditta hunda x (2)

Am, G, Em, F
Am, G, Em, F

Am                               G
Kardi paiyan ve main note kal ton
Em                             F
Sadi jana ae aivein nikki nikki gall ton x (2)
Am                               G
Aakhdi paiyan tainu banda bann ja
Em                             F
Sat Sri Akal nai taan mere vall ton

Am                                            G
Kitta dena hunda tainu pyar variyan ve
F                                G
Main vi faha wadh ditta hunda
Am                              G
Hunda na je aina tu cute munda
F                                G
Ve main chhad ditta hunda x (2)

Am                              G
Pyar vich ditta hoya teddy lagde
Em                                     F
Main taan man gaiyan tu na ready lagde x (2)
Am                                 G
Jatti bol ke speaker’an ch dasson munda
Em                                    F
Tu mere hon wale bachcheya da daddy lagde

Am                               G
Hunda dil vasaya na je sohneya
F                                  G
Kadon da kar add ditta hunda
Am                               G
Hunda na je aina tu cute munda
F                                   G
Ve main chhad ditta hunda x (2)

Am                                G
Bina gallon aivein na sataya kar tu
Em                             F
Pyar vich kadar vi paya kar tu
Am                                 G
Zaildar’an aivein na sataya kar tu
Em                              F
Pyar vich kadar vi paya kar tu
Am                              G
Tere warge nu meri jehi mil gayi
Em                               F
Rab da vi shukar manaya kar tu

Am                              G
Taiu chhad nahio hona Bhavein
F                                            G
tere ton vi sohna Kise labh ditta hunda
Am                              G
Hunda na je aina tu cute munda
F                                  G
Ve main chhad ditta hunda x (2)





Hello guys hope apko cute munda song jo ki sharry maan ne sing kia hain  guitar chords and tabs pasnad aye honge and sharry maan ne iss song ke liye bahut hard work kiya hain and cute munda ke lyrics par bhi kafi kaam kiya gaya hain mujhe to ye song bhut pasand aya aur apko kaise laga jarur bateye aur new guitar chords ke liye humari site ko visit karte rahe and hume facebook par bhi add kere akki thakur

cute munda song video youtube link 

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tera yaar hoon main chords and tabs with strumming - arijit singh

tera yaar hoon main chords
tera yaar hoon main chords 

Song :- Tera Yaar Hun Main

Singer :- Arijit Singh & Rochak Kohli

Album :- Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety
Lyricist :- Kumaar
Music :- Rochak Kohli
Scale :- A#

tera yaar hoon main strumming pattern 

Suggested Strumming :- D UUD UUD

{STARTING PART} A#, D#, Gm, F (x2)

(A#)Tu jo rootha toh (D#)kaun hansega
(Gm)Tu jo chhoota toh (Cm)kaun rah(F)ega
(A#)Tu chup hai toh yeh (D#)darr lagta hai
(Gm)Apna mujhko ko ab (F)kaun kahega

(Gm)Tu hi wajah
(F)Tere bina (Cm)bewajah (D#)bekar hoon main
Tera yaar hoon (A#)main(F)
Tera yaar hoon (A#)main(F)

(A#)Aaja ladein phir khilono ke (D#)liye
Tu jeete main haar(F) jaaun
(A#)Aaja karein phir wohi (Gm)shararatein
Tu bhaage main maar (F)khaaun

(Gm)Meethi si woh (F)gaali teri
(Cm)Sun’ne ko (D#)taiyaar hoon main
Tera yaar hoon (A#)main(F)
Tera yaar hoon(A#) main(F)
Tera yaar (G)hoon

(G)Sajna de rang rangaaiyan ve
(C)Sagna diyan sehnaiyan ve
(D)Dhol wajange yaar nachange
(C)Lakh lakh deo (G)badhaiyan ve

(D#)Khusiyan ‘ch nachda main (F)phiraan
(D#)Hanjuan ton bachda main (F)phiraan(A#)

(A#)O jaate nahi kahin rishte (Gm)puraane
Kisi (Cm)naye ke aa (F)jaane se
(A#)Jaata hoon main toh mujhe tu (Gm)jaane de
Kyun (Cm)pareshan hai mere (F)jaane se

Toota hai (Gm)toh juda hai kyun
Meri (F)taraf tu muda hai kyun
Haq (Gm)nahi tu yeh kahe ki yaar (F)ab hum na rahe

(Gm)Ek teri (F)yaari ka hi
(Cm)Saaton janam haq(D#)daar hoon main
Tera yaar hoon (A#)main(F)

Tera yaar hoon (A#)main(F)
Tera yaar hoon (A#)main(F)
Tera yaar (D#)hoon main

lyricsshop review :-  tera yaar hoon main song is really awesome song guys aur video bhi bhut acha banaya hain or guitar lover ke liye jo usme video add kiya hain guitar play karte hue voo bhut hi acha move deta hain video ko lyrics main itna dum nh tha jo ki aksar arijit singh ke songs main hota hain but kul milkar ye acha song raha agar rating ki baat  kare to main is song ko  10 out of 5 dena pasnad karuga or guys app mujhe meri meri facebook par bhi add kar sakte ho Akki Thakur  

Tera Yaar Hoon Main Guitar Lesson Video 

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mile ho tum humko neha kakkar guitar chords with strumming

Singers: Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar
Music & Lyrics : Tony Kakkar
Music Label: Zee Music Company

neha kakkar mile ho tum humko chords 

Fm                              Eb      Cm
Mile ho tum humko, Bade naseebon se
Db                      Cm                  Fm
Churaya hai maine Kismat ki lakeeron se (x2)
Fm                      Eb
Teri mohabbat se saansein mili hain
Cm                      Fm      Cm
Sada rehna dil mein kareeb hoke
Fm                              Eb      Cm
Mile ho tum humko, Bade naseebon se
Db                      Cm                  Fm
Churaya hai maine, Kismat ki lakeeron se (x2)

[Verse 1]
Db                              Cm
Teri chahaton mein kitna tadpe hain
Db                              Cm                     
Saawan bhi kitne tujh bin barse hain
Fm                              Eb
Zindagi mein meri saari jo bhi kami thi
Db                      Eb      Fm
Tere aa jaane se ab nahi rahi

Db                      Cm

Fm                              Eb     
Sada hi rehna tum, Mere kareeb hoke
Db                      Cm              Fm
Churaya hai maine, Kismat ki laqeeron se

Fm                              Eb      Cm
Mile ho tum humko, Bade naseebon se
Db                      Cm                  Fm
Churaya hai maine Kismat ki lakeeron se (x2)

[Verse 2]
Db                              Cm
Baahon mein teri ab yaara jannat hai
Db                              Cm
Maangi Khuda se tu woh mannat hai
Fm                      Eb
Teri wafaa ka sahara mila hai
Eb                      Db    Eb        Fm
Teri hi wajah se ab main zinda hoon

Fm                              Db
Teri mohabbat se zara ameer hoke
Db                              Cm
Churaya hai maine kismat ki lakeeron se

Fm                              Eb      Cm
Mile ho tum humko bade naseebon se
Db                              Cm      Fm
Churaya hai maine kismat ki lakeeron se

Hello  guys I hope apko ye songs ke chords helpful  rahe honge and humari team age bhi apke liye guitar chords lati rahegi  neha kakkar ka song mile ho tum humko ke guitar chords and tabs & sturmming pattern main agar kuch changes lagta hai to hume jarur batye J thanks for visiting our site or ha is humare latest song ke chords ko apne friends ke sath share karna na bhule tere zikar darshan raval

mile ho tum humko neha kakkar guitar lesson video link

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guitar sikhda guitar chords and tabs with strumming pattern by jassi gill

guitar sikhda guitar chords and tabs
guitar sikhda guitar chords and tabs

Singer: Jassi Gill
Lyrics: Jaani
Music: B Praak
Scale:- D#

guitar sikhda  Strumming Pattern  :- DDU DU DU D

guitar sikhda guitar chords

D#                      A#
Enrique da hero sun sun ke
G#               D#
Tenu karna pyar sikhda
D#                         A#
Munda jattan da ni onh balliye
G#                          A#
Tere karke guitar sikhda (x2)

D#                   G#
Jeb meri khali paisa ik vi nahi
D#                        G#
Tere dad wangu dad mera rich vi nahi (x2)

D#                           A#
Tainu sach dassan lai ke paise
G#                      D#
Ni main yaaran ton udhar sikhda

D#                         A#
Munda jattan da ni onh balliye
G#                        D#
Tere karke guitar sikhda (x2)

D#                  A#
Tere kar ke guitar sikhda
D#               A#
Enrique da hero sunda
D#                A#
Enrique da hero sunda

D#                      G#
Hauli hauli tere dil vich vadna
D#                       G#
Gaa gaa ke gaane tenu khush karna (x2)

D#                        A#
Jaani ik din likhu tere layi
G#                         D#
Jidan gaane Gulzar likhda (x2)
G#                   A#
Gaane Gulzar likhda…

D#                      A#
Munda jattan da ni onh balliye
G#                       D#
Tere kar ke guitar sikhda (x2)

D#                       A#
Enrique da hero sun sun ke
G#                    D#
Tenu karna pyar sikhda
D#                          A#
Munda jattan da ni onh balliye
G#                           D#
Tere kar ke guitar sikhd
G#                           D#
Tere kar ke guitar sikhda…

D#                       G#
Duniya ne bura changa kehna goriye
D#                           G#
Main tere naal live-in ‘ch rehna goriye (x2)

D#                         A#
Mere hundeyan na darri kisse toh
G#                           D#
Ni main karne shikaar sikhda (x2)

G#                   D#
Karne shikar sikhda…

D#                         A#
Munda jattan da ni onh balliye
G#                          D#
Tere kar ke guitar sikhda (x2)
G#                           D#
Tere kar ke guitar sikhda…
D#                        A# G#
Enrique da hero sunda (x3)

Hello friends hope you liked the chords of guitar shikda by jassi gill and if you found any mistake please let us know about chords and don’t forget to share with your friends and keep on visiting to our website lyricsshop.in  here is the  link of our latest song chords also check it :- sang hu tere bhuvan bam 

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